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author's note this story is based upon "Zucca's First haircut" comic strip pages by Makay

( :iconapplehead302: ) made for me as a request.

Hi. I'm sailor.

I'm a kitty. I like to wear shirts with 01 on them.

one of my best friends is a sheep named Zucca. One of the foods he like to eat is cookies.

One sunny day I was visiting my best Zucca. he was about to eat a cookie when Delsan took

it and took a bite out of it. "I was about to eat that cookie." Zucca said. " Oh... sworry

Zucca." Delsan said as he hands the cookie back to Zucca. " Blah, not any mwore..." Zucca

said in digust.  "Here you go, Zucca a cookie for you." I said as I gave a cookie to

Zucca. "Danku." Zucca said as he takes the cookie and takes a bite bite. "You're

welcome." I said. " Do you know where sheep go to get haircuts?" I asked. "I dunno." Zucca

giggled while trying to eat the cookie.  " To the baaa baa shop( Barber shop)" I said.

"Yea!!' Zucca screamed as he grabs the cookie and crawls out the door. I go to where Zucca

went. "Zucca are you afraid of a haircut?" I asked. "umm... no... um yea... um I dunno. I

need more cookies." Zucca said. "Here you go Zucca." I said giving Zucca another cookie he

finished eating the first 1. "Zucca getting a haircut doesn't hurt if you some time your

mom or dad takes you to the baa baa shop( barber shop) for your first haircut you'll see

other kids who are older than you getting their haircut and liking it." I said. "Un ok Im

no scared no morah.... let's go in." Zucca said. "That's good to hear Zucca." I said. Me

and Zucca's mom take Zucca into the baa baa shop( barber shop after telling my mom where

we're going.)for his very first haircut. Zucca smiles while holding our hands and still

savoring the last bit of his cookie. "Zucca, in a baa baa shop( barber shop) their are 2

chairs for you sit on regular chairs where you can wait your turn to sit on a barber chair

little kids boys and girls get to sit on a booster seat that goes across the arms of the

barber chair or they ( the little boys and girls) can sit on a cushion on the seat of the

barber chair When it's your turn to sit on a booster seat that goes across the arms of the

barber chair the barber will put a neck strip around your neck and a cape on you so that

the hair will not get on your clothes after your mom or dad tells the barber how your

haircut should look like then the barber will use a spray bottle of water to wet your hair

the barber will then use a comb to comb your hair and a pair of scissors to cut your hair

when your a bit older the barber will use electric clippers when the barber's done he'll

use the blow drier to blow the hairs off the cape onto the baa baa shop( barber shop)

floor. After the barber has made the first cut he'll give the first lock of your hair he

can give it to your mom or dad that they can put it in your baby book later." I said.

*Zucca him mom and I find seats in the waiting area 'till it was Zucca's turn a barber put

a cushion( a booster seat) on the seat of the barber chair Zucca's mom assisted him into

the barber chair. "I'm scared." Zucca said. "Hey, it's okay Zucca it won't so bad I gets

my haircut all of the time." I said. "No worries sweetheart, everything is going to be

just fine. I promise nothing bad will happen. Now dry your tears. Zucca's mom said. "Otay"

Zucca said. "See...moms always know what to say." I said. as Zucca's mom and I went to the

waiting room... to have seat when I realized something Zucca's cookie. "Oops... I almost

forgot! I almost forgot your cookie, Zucca." I said as I took a cookie out of my pocket.

"uh?" Zucca said in puzzlement  " Cookie!!" Zucca exclaimed. as Zucca ate his cookie a

barber puts a neck strip around Zucca's neck then a cape then a barber used a spray bottle

of water to wet Zucca's hair a comb to comb his hair a pair of scissors to cut his hair.

The barber gave the first strands of Zucca's hair to his mom so that she can put in into

Zucca's baby book later. When The barber was finished cutting Zucca's hair he used a hand

held hair dryer to blow the loose hairs off the cape onto the floor. The barber removed

the cape and neck strip from Zucca's neck by then Zucca had finished his cookie that I

gave him. The barber gave Zucca a hand held mirror so that he can see how his haircut came

out. Zucca gave the hand held mirror back to the barber. " See Zucca, it wasn't scary. And

now look at your beautiful new haircut." Zucca's mom said smiling. "Yeah, Zucca! It wasn't

that hard at all!!! I can't wait 'till it be my turn." I said. Zucca's mom assisted him

out of the barber chair. we went to the cash register. The barber told Zucca's mom the

price of Zucca's haircut she( Zucca's mom) paid the barber we left the baa baa shop

( barber shop) sometime later my mom took me to the barber shop so that I could get my

hair cut( a haircut.)

The End.
the story of Zucca's  first(1st) haircut in a baa baa shop( barber shop.)
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