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Name: Jamie Robertson.
Gender: male.
Height: 5feet 6 inches.
Eyes: hazel.
Hair: black.
sailor cancer's hair is thick, thick and short.
Birthday: July 1st
Age: ( adult.)
Blood type: a negative
Build: 1. slender 2. tough and wiry. 3. average strength.
unique physical characteristics
sailor cancer has a very good memory.
sailor identity:
sailor senshi title: the tidal fighter
sailor colours: sandy beige and navy blue.
notes on the fuku:
sailor cancer has a white body shirt pants,  with a crescent moon on the belt that becomes
a boomerang, a crown with pearls and rubies in it, a mask much different than Tuxedo
Mask's mask 10 inch boots, gloves that go to the wrist like sailors Uranus and Neptune's
and a wrist communicator to call the other senshi with.
Realm: (unknown) with powers coming from the tides.
transformation item: a power stick his
transformation phrase: cancer moon power.
animal guide: Sandy a golden Labrador retriever.
sailor weapons/attacks:
weapon 1. a silver ring with a pearl in it.
weapon 2. cancer moon boomerang the crescent moon on sailor cancer's belt.
attack 1. cancer moon beam blast, sailor cancer raises his ring to the sky then brings it down to aim the blast at the enemies when he shouts blast the blast weakens the enemies.
attack 2. cancer moon boomerang strike, sailor cancer takes the crescent  moon from his belt buckle and throws it at the enemies it frees  the allies from the enemies grasp and strikes the enemies before returning to sailor cancer's hand.
attack 3. cancer low tide., sailor cancer raises his hands to the sky then brings them down to aim a tide of     at the enemies the tide of    pushes the enemies away from allies and makes the enemies weak.
your character's history/background
where is your character is from geographically
what is your character's favourite food peanut butter and honey(jam) sandwiches, pepperoni, ( spinach) pizza, pasta and spinach salad.
what is your character's lest favourite food? broccoli, all kinks of sea food, all kinds of peppers, tomatoes, oranges, all kinds of olives  all kinds of mushrooms and anything too hot and spicy.
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