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author's note this story is based upon a role playing game with :iconmintydrop793: a his deviation "Mothers-to-be special"

Hi. I'm French Braid.
I'm a unicorn.
Blue Blade and I used to live in Fillydelphia before moving to Canterlot where we got

married and now are expecting twins a colt and a foal. One day my husband Sir Blue Blade)

sees an advertisement for a Mothers-to-be- special at the spa in Ponyville he makes me an

appointment so that I can take advantage of the mothers-to-be- special. I take a train

ride from Canterlot to Ponyville I head for and enter the spa. " Hi. my hubby made an spa

appointment" I said. Name please." Aloe said.  " French Braid" I said. "Ah yes. Right

this way." Aloe said. I follow Aloe. We arrive in the back room full of pregnant mares.

"Take this spot right here, and we'll be right with you." Aloe said. I wait for Aloe.

Aloe comes back with bottle of oil. I'm lying on a spot that Aloe showed me to. "Now just

relax." Aloe said as she puts some oil on her hoof. "Ok." I said. I close my eyes and

relax. Aloe starts rubbing oil on my belly. I continue to relax as Aloe rubs oil on my

belly. "Good.  Any other treatments you would like, darling" Aloe inquired. I tell Aloe

what other treatments that I would like. "Very well. I'll ready in a jiffy." Aloe said.

That sounds really great to hear." I said. Aloe comes back with makeup and mane products.

Aloe starts applying false eyelashes and makeup. I'm still relaxing with my eyes closed.

"Okay now for your mane." Aloe said. Aloe starts giving me a new mane style. I'm still

relaxing as Aloe gives me a new mane style. Aloe finishes up and holds a mirror. " What do

you think?" Aloe asked. I open my eyes I feel shocked when I see my new mane style.( )

"WOW I look beautiful." I exclaimed.  "Good I have no doubt that every stallion in

Ponyville will feel the same way." Aloe said. "How about Canterlot?" I inquired. "I bet

they will the same way." Aloe said. "There's only one stallion in canterlot that really

matters to me, my hubby. Sir Blue Blade." I said. "I dare him to try and resist you." Aloe

said. "I have no doubt, darling." Aloe said. I smile and nod. "Will that be all for you

today?"  Aloe asked. "Sometime in the steam room after I do a hot tub." I said. "Okay."

Aloe said as she gives me a towel. "Follow me to the steam room." Aloe said. I tell Aloe

that I wanted sometime in the steam room after I did sometime in the hot tub. "Oh in that

case go right up to the tub, dear." Aloe said. I go up and get into the hot tub to relax.

"How does it feel?" aloe asked. "It feels good." I said. after the hot tub I do sometime

in the steam room after the steam room I go up front to pay. "How much do I owe you for

the spa treatment?" I asked. " That'll be 6 bits." I use my magic to give Aloe 6 bits. I

ride the train from Ponyville to Canterlot when I get back to our house my hubby, Sir Blue

Bade is feeling shocked to see the new me.

The End.
the story of French Braid's mother-to-be spa treatment.
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